A New York yellow cab, Manhattan 5th avenue
June 05, 2006: New York Yellow Taxi
I was walking down 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NY and found a nice street corner with loads of yellow cabs driving past near Central Park & The Trump tower. Practicing my panning technique, I followed each car while shooting on a long shutter speed to get the 'feeling of movement' in the images.

This image was cropped to a panoramic format to increase the sense of speed and to fit the radiator of the car into the 'rule of thirds', and partially de-saturated to focus on the instant-recognition of the yellowcabs of New York City...

[ Canon EOS 10D, 20-40mm @ 40mm, shutter 1/10 sec, aperture f/22, Mode: shutter speed priority (Tv), Metering: Evaluative, Exposure compensation: -1 (to avoid burned-out highlights). Crop & Desaturation are the only digital enhancements to this image, the rest is in-camera ]
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