Out of Africa - drumming masters live at the Spitz: Koko Kanyinda
African drummer Koko Kanyinda playing live at the Out of Africa concert at The Spitz, Spitalfields market, London, 11 March 2006.

From africanmusiciansprofiles.com:
Koko Kanyinda is an outstanding drummer and vocalist from Congo. He plays djembe and congas and is the last surviving conga player from the first generation of Congolese music.
More photos from the night available here.

[ Canon EOS 10D (hand held), lens: Canon EF 50mm/1.4, 1/90 sec, f/2.8, Mode: Tv (get some moving hands), Exp comp: -1 (dark skin, dark clothes on black background = need negative exposure compensation), ISO: 800, no flash ]
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