Henri GaoBi - drumming live at The Spitz
March 27, 2006: Henri GaoBi
Henry Gao Bi, master drummer, from the Ivory Coast performing live at The Spitz (together with Buccar Ndow, Thebe Lipere, Koko Kanyinda, Yao and Ayan The 1st).

From african-caribbean-ents.com:
Henri GaoBi [...] has dedicated himself since childhood to the traditional drumming patterns of his country.

He is thought by many to be the finest exponant of traditional djembe playing in Britain. The ability he has to sustain the rhythmic pulse alongside the most complex solo patterns ensures the result is a dynamic musical whole.

Henri plays a wide range of Ivorian instruments which include djembe, doundounba, Balafon and talking drum.
I'm particularly happy with the 'magic hands' effect from a slightly longer exposure time...
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