St. James' Park in London has a rich squirrel population and only the youngest animals are too shy to approach pedestrians offering nuts, seeds and the odd piece of chocolate.

St James' Park is the oldest Royal Park in London and is surrounded by three palaces. The most ancient is Westminster, which has become the Houses of Parliament, St James's Palace and the best known, Buckingham Palace. Once a marshland, later a private royal deer park and aprty venue, King Charles II had St James park redesigned, with avenues of trees planted and lawns laid. The King then opened the park to the public and was a frequent visitor, feeding the ducks and mingling with his subjects. (Source: Royal Parks)

[ Canon EOS 10D, lens Canon EF L 70-200mm @ 200mm, 1/200 sec, f/6.7, flash: Canon SpeedLite 420EX, subject distance 9m ]
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