The Unknown Soldier's Grave, Athens

Guards marching in front of the Unknown Warrior's Grave, Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece.

The thermometre reached almost 40°C (that's over 100 Fahrenheit), so few envied their job...

According to my guide book, the guards are Evzónes; soldiers in traditional mountain costumes. A website tells us "The guards are tall, well trained soldiers and belong to "Proedriki Froura", the guards of the President of Democracy (it is honorary for every Greek soldier to belong at it)." Another says: "Every so often they do a little march and dance to break the monotony of standing still all day and they occasionally do this little kick step with their sarouchi shoes with the pom-poms. The pleated skirt, called a fustinella is Albanian in origin and was introduced by King Otto. "

More information here and here

[ Canon EOS 10D, EF-L 70-200mm @ 70mm, shutter 1/1500 sec (it was sunny!), aperture f/4, Mode: Portrait, Metering: Evaluative, ISO 100 ]

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