View from Windsor Great Park. At the end of the Long Walk you see Windsor Castle, up close, you see the midday shadow of the statue of King George III, famous for being mad as a hatter

George's madness ultimately left the fate of the crown on his eldest son George, Prince Regent. Prince George was put in the daunting position of attempting to govern according to the increasingly erratic will of his father. A letter received by novelist E. M. Frostier from his aunt, Marine Thornton, describes the situation: "... there he was sitting on the Throne with his King's Crown on, his robes scarlet and ermine, and held his speech written out for him, just what he had to say. But, oh dear, he strode up and made a bow and began "My Lords and Peacocks'. The people who were not fond of him laughed, the people who did love him cried, and he went back to be no longer a king, and his eldest son reigned in his stead"
( George III (1760-1820 AD)).
[Photo shot with Canon EOS 10D, Sigma 20-40mm @ 40mm, shutter 1/250 sec, aperture, f/6.7, ISO: 100]


Wow ... amazing view!!

Posted by: Gadisa at January 21, 2004 05:57 PM
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