As part of the survey about mobile phone camera usage I'm taking part in this weekend, I'm being asked "During this period, did you take any photos using a digital or traditional camera? What was the picture of? Why did you use this particular camera? Why not the camera phone?"

Well the answer can be seen best by showing an example: I took some photos of a dancing lion in Chinatown last weekend using my Canon 10D and a long zoom lens, but as the lion passed me, I had no chance to change to a wide angle lens, so I dug into my pocket and fished out the Nokia 7250i, resulting in the above shot.

For republication quality, colours, manual settings (zoom, aperture, shutter, ISO) and not least resolution, matters. My 10D has it, the Nokia ouputs 352 x 288 pixels...

When do you use a phone camera instead? When I don't have my "real" camera with me? Spur-of-the-moment photos in daily life? Fun photos to send to friends? If I get time to det it up, moblogging?

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