November 24, 2003: It only took 2 minutes

This photo was shot from inside the Mirador de Ses Animes watchtower near the village of Banyalbufar, Mallorca. The tower is located literally next to the road, but of course I took all the usual precautions of locking doors etc...

During the 2 minutes or so I was away from the car, some Spanish(?)/Balearic(?) wankers snuck up to the driver's door, picked it open and drove off with my now 3-years old but still well cherished, digital pocket camera. Luckily nothing else was lost, despite a ~ US$ 500 Sigma 20-40mm lens stored in a case just next to the stolen camera.

If someone is offered to buy a used Canon IXUS DIGITAL that labels all the photos taken with "Anders Jacobsen" in the EXIF information, please give me a shout and thou shalt be handsomely rewarded. If you don't have the camera but want to say or do something, please write a comment, or send me some words on AIM or something... :-) Thanks!

Update: according to the original box, the camera body's serial number is: A7D135039 (for increased exposure also in some other languages: Body No, Body Number, No de serie, Numéro de série, Gehäuse Nr, No de cuerpo, Serienummer) and it seems my name is only added by the post processing software and not in the EXIF information (Bummer!)


What scum! You can take this as an expression of my sympathy.

Great photos.

Posted by: Chris at November 27, 2003 06:59 PM

Worldly possesions only distract. :)

Posted by: Rodger at December 12, 2003 02:22 PM
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