October 21, 2003: La Marina Baie des Anges

Occupying 8 hectares, the Marina Baie des Anges in Villeneuve Loubet on the French riviera is a multipurpose piece of real estate: a yacht harbour, a thalasso therapy centre, permanent and vacation apartment rentals (I stayed here for 2 weeks when moving down to France!) etc.

Designed/built in 1968-78 by architects Michel Marot and André Minangoy (this guy has it on his CV too) it looks way out of place on an otherwise flat and rather uninterrupted coastline. A funky, urban experinment in it's time, but I doubt they'd get building permission for it today...

[On a side note, this is the first photo I've stuck a little Copyright text into the lower right corner of. A copyright notice is present on all the indivitual archive pages as well as in the additional file information (retrievable in applications like Photoshop), is this overkill? Recommendations? Please leave a comment. The purpose is, obviously, to leave photos free for anyone to come here and watch, but if someone wants to use them elsewhere (commercially in brochures, on web-pages etc) I could use a few spare Euros to finance new camera equipment...]


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Posted by: Frank Paierl at August 2, 2004 03:28 AM
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