The ''Opera House'' in Antibes. Wear a hard hat!

September 24, 2003: Opera? Wear a hard hat!

The "Chantier Naval Opera" in Antibes. Chantier Naval means shipyard, Opera means opera. I'm unsure of the current purpose of this building, but the signs warn that a hard hat is required whatever you're going to do in there...

Update: according to this page; "Chantier Naval Opera" is an ancient military blockhouse; this building defended the entry to the port on the other side of Fort Carré. The disused Chantier naval was restored to become a cultural centre for exhibitions, shows and musical events such as "Music at the heart" and the "International Young Soloist Festival".


All is great guys, but I belive vortelucius is much better.

Posted by: Kamurangous at November 23, 2005 09:15 AM
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